Volume - 9, Issue - 1, Jan - March 2018
Volume - 9, Issue - 2, April - June 2018

Plagiarism : 
Journal of Global Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences Policy

If the editorial board/Authors/Reader finds plagiarism in a piece already published in JGTPS Journals, the journal's executive board will determine appropriate action to be taken, in consultation with legal counsel, if that is deemed necessary.
Such action could include disclosure of the report or conclusions of the evaluation committee in the journal, expelling the author from JGPS, barring the author (Black Listing) from again publishing in the journal, or another appropriate sanction.

The published article will be withdrawn from the website with a note of plagiarized along with the published title; Authors will also marked for the same. The link to Full Text Article will be disabled.

Report plagiarism if any, to editorjgtps@gmail.com

Plagarisam will be implemented with Strictly


Dr.P.Dwarakanadha Reddy