Volume - 15, Issue - 1, Jan - March 2024
Volume - 15, Issue - 2, April - June 2024


                     M.Pharm., Ph.D,F.I.C, FAGE, FICCP,MISTE


Three things to be loved……….Humanity, Honesty, Hard work.
Three things to be maintained… …..Promise, Friendship, Affection

It’s my great pleasure to extend warm welcome to Journal of Global Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences (JGPS) an international peer reviewed online journal entitled publishing original research articles in all areas of Pharmaceutical Sciences., JGTPS was established in India with the aim to be provide the best knowledge on Pharmaceutical research and Health care. The profession of Pharmacy is not just relying only on industrial aspects, as many of us in the country are thinking. But, it also has its own values in the hospital, clinical as well as community settings. Thanks to Pharmacy Council of India, the dream of Pharm.D curricula becomes a true.

Great pleasure and Sincere, Whole hearted thanks to my Esteemed Research Supervisors 
Prof. K.P.R Chowdary  and  Prof. T. Satyanarayana, University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences(UCPS), Andhra University for meticulous guidance. 

My respectable Gratitude to My parents Mr. P. Balarami Reddy and P. Sakunthala , My wife Dr. D. Swarnalatha, My daughters .P. Gnana Deepika and P. Roopika, My grand father and mothers for his consistent support and encouragement. Finally I am grateful to God and my friends for their love and co-operation extended all the way through. With that, I’d like to thank all of our people who work with us, and I look forward to your future joint efforts. I invite you to explore our web site and visit frequently to learn about the many exciting initiatives that will be unfolding during the upcoming months. 

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Editor in Chief
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